Reactive Ink

Extremely high performance ink

Based on our extensive knowledge of reactive dyestuffs, KISCO developed reactive inks to illustrate a large color space in digital textile printing for cellulose fibre. Papijet TxR is developed for Epson heads and Papijet TxRK is optimized for Kyocera heads. Each ink passed all Epson and Kyocera standards. The ink formulations for all 9 colors of Papijet TxR and Papijet TxRK are designed to present the best runability. Papijet TxR and Papijet TxRK are ecologically-friendly, water-based reactive inks with overall good fastness, outstanding fast dry properties, excellent stability and reproducibility.



- Substrate preparation is an important first step
- Pretreatment is essential to obtain high quality prints

inkjet Printing

- Digital printing can save energyand time
- Papijet TxR for Epson head
- Papijet TxRK for Kyocera head


- Fixation conditions: 102'C x 10min in saturated steam
- Washing to improve the quality of the garment


Applications :Cellulose and its blends for apparel, home furnishing and silk

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